Welcome to MacRabbit

Service and Support for: iPod iPad iPhone iMac in fact iAnything

We are a local Australian business based at Seaford and have been providing service and support for Apple products since 1984. Clients include schools, companies, small business and private individuals.

We are also memory specialists for Mac computers.

Our services include:

  • Storage solutions and backups and speedy data recovery.
  • Future proofing advice – buy the correct equipment and no need to keep making additional purchases.
  • Insurance claims. Dropped your iPhone in the toilet? This is more common than might be imagined.

We cover all areas from Adelaide to Victor Harbor with mobile service and fast response times a speciality.

We do not use web based interfaces such as shopping carts or detailed descriptions of offerings or “spin”, because our philosophy, based on long experience, is personal service by direct contact, email or mobile being a first step.